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Goorin Bros. Men's Flatcaps
The essential grab it and go


Each style of flatcap fits a different face shape and outfit. Although this shape has changed throughout the years it stays true to its original purpose; convenience as an everyday cap.

Goorin Bros. Women's Fedora Hats
Fresh off the block


A brimmed hat with a pinched crown that effortlessly elevates any outfit. This hat is still the most prevalent shape because it can be so easily suited to one’s personality and features.

Goorin Bros. Women's Straw Hats
A true Summer staple

Straw Styles

Send your head on vacation and enjoy our most comfortable and versatile favorites for the season. Summer is better in a hat.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Charlie Grateful Fedora
Wide Brim Fedora

Charlie Grateful

This unique Panama hat features a tie dye treatment so, no two are the same. It features a double layer grosgrain hatband with a pinch bow, a German wicking sweatband, a canvas insert to reinforce the crown, and it’s rated at UPF

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Old Town Flatcap

Old Town

6 Panel Duckbill Ivy

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop Desert Sun

Desert Sun